Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It Happens a Step At a Time

I read this in a devotional on Joyce Meyer's website. It's a part of her 3030 Challenge. The challenge is to spend 30 minutes a day praying and reading God's Word for the next 30 days. To read the entire devotional click here.

Excerpt from Discipline Is Not a Dirty Word
You see, although today we can microwave a meal, there’s no such thing as “microwave Christianity.” Actually, I like to call God’s process “The Law of Gradual Growth.” Why? Because little by little, as we make right choices, He delivers us from our enemies and takes us where we need to be.

Yes, in the beginning, disciplining yourself will be difficult. It won’t feel good and you won’t like it. But every time you make a choice to do the right thing, the next time it gets a little easier. And you get one step closer to your goal.

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