Monday, November 9, 2009

In Life, How Would You Like Your Cake?

So, the beginning of your time of change was exciting. The thoughts of what could be brought a glitter to your eyes and a spring to your step. Such thoughts filled you with both anticipation and dread. The outlook for your new future was promising.

Then the waiting period came. Who knew that waiting would take THIS long? What happened to the growth--in your spiritual walk, in how you perceive things, etc.--that you were experiencing previously? Why does everything seem to be at a standstill? Is it a possiblity that your choice to experience a time of change was a bad one? Has it all been a mistake?

You could look at it that way or you could take a different look. Ask yourself this question: Does everything in life come quickly or instantly? Let's focus on a cake. In order to experience a cake's fluffiness, decadence, or what have you, it has to be prepared properly. Too much or not enough of an ingredient can change the cake's texture or taste. On top of that, a cake must be baked for the proper amount of time at the right temperature. If it is taken out too early, the results are typically disappointing.

In your time of change the same principles hold for us. After we have been prepared for the baking process, now we must wait to bake. Either we can wait patiently while we're baking or we can try to come out of the oven early.

We have come this far. Why should we settle for less than the best cake we can create for our lives?

I am hoping for you much encouragement during this waiting stage.


"He hath made every thing beautiful in his time..." (Ecclesiastes 3:11a KJV)

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