Monday, May 4, 2009

Trying Is One of the Hardest Things To Do

"Even if I don't reach all my goals, I've gone higher than I would have if I hadn't set any." ~Danielle Fotopoulos

As the title says, trying is one of the hardest things to do. There's the aspect of trying something new. Trying something new is hard because of the uncertainty of the unknown. What if I fail? Will I have the courage to try again in spite of the setback? What if I succeed? Will I have the courage and stamina needed to cope with newly gained popularity?

Then there's the aspect of trying to let go of the past. Trying to let go of guilt and shame experienced from past mistakes or failures. There's also trying to let go of a relationship(s) that you hold so dear, but the people in them no longer fill a need in your life (or you in theirs).

Finally there's the aspect of trying that creates loneliness. When trying new things or trying to let go of the past, sometimes you feel absolutely alone. There is no one else there experiencing these situations and the emotions they evoke with you. Yet, your loneliness is for a reason. It gives you time to think about you. What do you desire for your life? What are your hopes and goals? What can you do to push yourself forward into the next chapter in your life? Now, with nothing holding you back, what's stopping you from moving forward? What can you do to move past this mental roadblock?

Trying can be the hardest thing to do, but it's also the most liberating. By trying, you will find that you have more courage and strength than you previously felt you possessed. Also, the new knowledge that you've gained through trying has the ability to make you a better person.

Even though it may be hard, just try.

Below is an article on how to handle loneliness in between relationships. It's authored by Kim Olver.

Alone: Who are You?

My dear friends, do not be surprised at the painful test you are suffering, as though something unusual were happening to you. (1 Peter 4:12 GNB)

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